Expired Domain and PPC Services FAQs

Expired Domain Traffic FAQs

What are expired domains? – Every day domains that are due for renewal are allowed to expire. These domains have been promoted by their owners and may still be receiving significant volumes of traffic.

How does expired domain traffic work? – If our traffic buyers decide that an expired domain is of significant value, they might choose to buy the domain and include it in our network. It is then categorised into one of our 169 categories. When a visitor attempts to access the site, they are instead redirected to a web site wanting that target traffic.

How targeted is expired domain traffic? – Look through our categories and you will see the typical web sites in that category. If possible, we will attempt to further target your web site within the category. The higher we target your traffic, the more chance of a repeat order!

How much return can I expect? – this depends on your web site and profit per order. For example, if you make £10 profit per order, buy a 10,000 hit expired traffic domain campaign for £30 and reach a conversion rate of 1 in 200 visitors, that’s 50 new orders, or £470 profit, in just 60 days. If you make more profit per order, or can convert a higher rate, then the profits will be greater.

How will I know when the campaign starts? – Campaigns usually start the same working day. We will confirm your order has started and send you your login details.

When will I see more traffic? – Your expired domain traffic order will be added to the queue of traffic. As visitors arrive, they are directed to web sites at the top of the queue. Especially on busier categories, it may take from days to weeks before the campaign starts to deliver fully.

How quickly will the traffic deliver? – This depends on the chosen category. Campaigns of up to 10,000 should deliver in 60 days, possibly in 30 days.

What faster campaigns do you run? – 5,000 hits can also be delivered in 30 days, sometimes even 7 days. If you place an order for 7 or 30 days, we will confirm the traffic availability before starting your order.

Do you guarantee more orders? – No, the conversion rate will depend on the category and your web site.

What guarantees do you make? – We will deliver all visitors bought within a campaign. All visitors will be genuine web surfers, not automated scripts. All visitors will be appropriate to the category you have ordered.

How do you target expired domain traffic? – Based on the traffic into the expired domain our experienced analysts can determine what categories will likely benefit from the traffic, and what country these visitors will be from.

Will the counts match my server counts? – We are charged for every visitor delivered to your site and that is how we charge you. If the visitor cancels navigation quickly, your server logs may not record the visit.

How unique are the visitors? – We would like to deliver 100% unique traffic. With dial-up access allocating a new IP address with every session, there may be some undetected duplication. Redelivering visitors might also be beneficial – how many times do you see the same advert elsewhere?

What reporting is available? – We provide full stats showing number of visitors delivered to date, start and target end date and IP addresses of recent visitors for you to compare against your own logs.

Will the conversion rate be as good as PPC? – Unfortunately, this is unlikely with expired domain traffic. Visitors may specifically want the site they were looking for and try to reload it. You might not have the specific product they were looking for. But compare the much lower cost of expired domain traffic by thousand visitors to the cost of 1000 visitors through PPC.

What can I do to improve my conversion rate? – It may be advantageous to prepare a special landing page rather than your home page. This should be a page that quickly sells and entices the visitor into your site.

Can I pay by cheque? – Yes, just submit your order and select to pay by cheque. Your invoice will give details of how to pay. Note – we cannot start your campaign until payment has been received.


How much will it cost? – We charge a one off set up fee, usually around £50-£100, to cover creation of your account and determining a set of keywords. We will then charge you a surchage of 1p per click above the Google charge. There are no monthly fees, so it is as much in our interest to provide large volumes of traffic as yours.

What reporting do you offer? – We provide statistics to all customers. Usually once per week we will update the number of displays and visitors, plus the total cost to date.

Do you guarantee more traffic? – The amount of new traffic depends on the popularity of the keywords associated with your site. If there aren’t many searches on associated keywords, then there may be little traffic. We will advise on the typical number of searches on your keywords before we start.

Do you guarantee more sales? – We can help to deliver more traffic, but it is up to your web site to convert this traffic to sales.

Do I need to provide all keywords? – No. You can provide a list of keywords, but we will also asses your site for additional and alternate keywords that might cost less yet still provide equally high quality traffic. For example, for one site the cost per click was going to be over £15! By selecting alternate keywords, this site typically receives 60-130 visitors per day, at only 4p per click.

Can I limit how much I spend? – Yes, tell us how much you want to spend per day / month and we will restrict the campaign to this.

What upfront charges are there? – the set-up fee must be paid upfront plus a deposit to cover the cost of the clicks. This deposit is refundable at any point.

*Ordering of traffic is subject to the terms of this web site. All traffic is campaign unique based on the visitor’s IP address. We value your privacy. We will not sell or pass your contact details to anyone. If you are having dificulty navigating this web site, please view the sitemap. Key pages: Increase UK and US Web Visitors, Details About Our Web Traffic and Related Links.