Expired domains

Expired domain redirected traffic is relatively new, so here’s some information.

What is expired domain traffic?

Every day domain names reach their expiry date but are not renewed. These domains have expired, but might still have a large volume of traffic visiting them through search engines, bookmarks, links etc. The visitors are still looking for the original site’s services, but the site can not there to fulfil their needs.

If the site has enough residual traffic, our traffic service might decide to buy the domain name. When a visitor then tries to visit the site, instead of a site not found message they are redirected to another site. This happens instantly and they might not even notice the redirect!

Why is expired domain traffic better than popups?

Popups are blocked automatically before delivery by an increasing number of tools. Popups might also be closed before fully loaded by a surfer when they notice it opening. The popup has been delivered and included in your count, but not displayed.

Lots of surfers now also consider popups to be an annoyance and usually they are presented behind the web site the surfer is browsing, or when the web site is being closed.

Expired domains are simply redirected traffic. The surfer has not found what they are looking for and is presented with an alternative. In some cases, the surfer might not even notice they are not in the site they looked for.

With expired domains the visitor does not see another page, the page is delivered in full at the front of the screen and is fully scrollable. By careful matching up of the expired domain to target domains highly targeted traffic can be generated.

There are no false scripts involved generating traffic and all expired domain traffic originates from redirects from domains under our traffic service’s control. This should give you a significant portion of visitors ready to use your services.

Targeting traffic

By knowing the typical traffic a web site is currently receiving and monitoring the IP addresses of the incoming traffic, it is possible to highly target expired domain redirect traffic. If a domain targeted the UK mortgage market, then it is highly likely that other web sites dealing in UK mortgages could benefit from the residual traffic. By checking the IP addresses and browser setting, it is possible to check the country of origin and whether the visitor has already seen the new website.

100% uniqueness is not possible – dialup users have a new IP address whenever they sign on for instance. But our traffic services do their best to give you their best traffic – it is in our interests to give you the best traffic so that you come back for more!

Example expired domain redirect traffic

Unfortunately we cannot provide an example of redirected traffic – all that you would see is a new web site being presented.

This is to protect the privacy of our customers and is a policy enforced over the whole network that we use. Also, by not providing a link, there can be no accusations of creating false traffic.

*Ordering of traffic is subject to the terms of this web site. All traffic is campaign unique based on the visitor’s IP address. We value your privacy. We will not sell or pass your contact details to anyone. If you are having dificulty navigating this web site, please view the sitemap. Key pages: Increase UK and US Web Visitors, Details About Our Web Traffic and Related Links.