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Geographical expired domain categories
All campaigns can be delivered to either UK, USA or global (English speaking) traffic. As far as possible all campaigns deliver to the chosen geographical target, but a 100% guarantee can not be offered.

Expired domain subject categories
We currently offer the following categories:

Advertising Media
Design or supply different methods of advertising via website, tv, radio etc… including banner ads, billboards, tv commercials

Agriculture and food related information and services to both consumer and business.

A all animal related services and business including organizations, pets, veterinary, wildlife, animal rights

Antique retailers, stamps, memorabilia, miniatures and figurines, militaria, autographs

Humanities, Visual Arts, Art History, Artists, Crafts, Design Arts, Museums and Galleries

Associations with a website that service their members and provide either information or business services through their website.

Space related websites, Conferences and Events, Exobiology, Research, SETI

Auction websites including Ebay related, Escrow Services, Bidding Utilities

Auto Rental
Auto rental agencies, reservations, rental car specials

All makes and models, clubs and organizations, racing, news and media, industry information

Pregnancy and birth, baby names, products and services, books, baby showers

Bath fixtures and accessories, cabinetry, towels, plumbing fixtures

Beauty salon, beauty supply, beauty school, beauty products, beauty tips, spa, beauty secrets, natural beauty

Racing, News and Media, Mountain Biking, Shopping and Services

Racing, News and Media, Mountain Biking, Shopping and Services

Online book stores, authors, poetry, storytelling, libraries, publishers

Building industry including architecture, buildings and structures, civil engineering, employment, urban planning

Business to business (B2B), Shopping and Services, Classifieds, Directories, Economics, Trade, Organizations, News and Media, Business partners, managements

Targeted web traffic for business or services including RV Parks and Campgrounds, Cooking, Family Camping, Hiking, Travelogues, Campgrounds

Candle-making, alternative health, candle suppliers, incense, supplies and equipment

Candy and Confectionary
Recipes, Candy Making Supplies, Chocolate, Fudge, Jelly Beans, Candy Apples, Brand Names

Fundraisers, Non-profit Resources, Online Charities, Volunteerism, Charity Auctions

Children Products
Babies, Magazines, Apparel, Child Care, Adoption, Parenting, Playground Equipment, Toys

Animated Gifs, Printable Calendars, Icons, Holidays and Observances

Clocks and Watches
Timepieces, Collectors, Antiques, Repairs, Cuckoo clocks

Accessories, Footwear, Hats and Caps, Specialty, Women’s, T-Shirts, Men’s, Uniforms, Children’s, Lingerie

Antiques, Card Games, Sports Collectibles, Gifts

Animation, comic books, comic strips, artists, organizations

Computer Advice
Networking, Employment, Training, Operating Systems, Information Technology

Computer Memory
Retailers and distributors, flash memory, test equipment, Kingston Technology

Computer Peripherals
Storage, printers, digital cameras, video cards, monitors

Computer Programming
Computer languages, algorithms, consulting services, game programming, WWW, Tools

Computer Related
Mobile computing, computer science, trade shows, industry information, internet, operating systems, product reviews, user groups

Computer Software
Books, CAD, Networking, Desktop Publishing, Games, Internet, PDAs, Security, Shareware, Weblog

Computer Virus
Virus software, scanners, software makers, books, hoaxes, Norton Antivirus

Consumer Electronics
Home Theatre, Video Game Systems, Audio and Video, Home Automation

Recipes, Cookbooks, Radio and Television Programs, Culinary Education, Instructional websites and videos

Cosmetics and Perfume
Frangrances, Manufacturers, Brand Names, Retailers, Vocational Schools, Stage Makeup

Costumes and Uniforms
Militaria uniforms, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Dance Team, Cheerleaders, Medical

Crafts and Craft Making
Woodworking, Quilting, Ceramics, Craft Fairs, Glass, Dolls, Mail Art, Paper, Retailers, Soapmaking

Credit Cards
Credit Card Issuers, Merchant Services, Brokers and Directories, Secured Cards, Dining Cards, Card Fabricators and Readers

Performing Arts, Dance Organizations, Apparel, Tour Operators, Education, Dance Photography and Therapy

Debt Consolidation
Loan Services, Loan Consolidations, Student Loans

Weight Loss, Nutrition, Programs, Fad Diets, Low Carbohydrate, Commercial Programs, Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach

Domain Names
Domain Name Registration Services, Top Level Domains, ICANN, DNS, Whois, Legal Issues

K-12, Higher Education, Theory and Methods, By Subject, Correctional, Employment, Financial Aid, Adult Continuing Education

Careers and Jobs, Employment Services, Government, Workplace Issues, Organizations

Acting and Modelling sources, Performing Arts, Amusement and Theme Parks, Comedy, Magic, Radio, Reviews, Virtual Cards

Exhibitions and Conventions
Conventions and Trade Shows, Trade Magazines, Trade News, Speakers, Presentation Services, Planning

Eye Care
Vision, Surgeries, Conditions, Dry Eyes, Eye Protection, Eye Movments

Linens and Fabrics, Textiles, Fabric Painting, Fabric Structures, Manufactures and Wholesalers, Draperies, Retailers

Family Planning, Adoption, Children, Divorce, Marriage, Special Needs, Teenagers, Family Law, Home Pages, Travel

Organic Farming, Associations, Research

Fashion and Beauty, Apparel, Fashion Designers, Fashion Photography, Fashion Shows, Illustration, Accessories

Fashion for Men
Men’s Apparel, Athletic Wear, Men’s Footwear, Business clothing, Fashion Tips

Fashion for Women
Women’s Apparel, Athletic Wear, Women’s Footwear, Business clothing, Fashion Tips

Financial Planning, Credit and Finance, Services, Planning, Providers, Publishers, Personal Finance

Products and services, shopping, antiques and collectibles, tour operators, fly fishing

Exercises, Health Clubs, Magazines, Organizations, News, Forums, Fitness Tips, Books, Consumer Equipment and Supplies

Airlines, Flight Trackers, Flight Simulation, Flight Centers, Data Recorders, Supersonic Flight

Construction, Finishes, Flooring Products, Rugs, Stone, Retailers and Wholesalers, Tile

Florists, Nurseries, Horticulture, Alternative Medicine, Dried Flowers, Retail, Flower Arrangement

Food and Beverage
Distributors and Wholesalers, Manufacturing and Processing, Supplies and Equipment, Shopping and Services

Free Stuff
Free Products and Services, Contests, Samples, catalogs, magazines, software

Friends and People
Society and culture, news and media, computers and internet, movies and film, Humor, Science, Internet

Retailers, Sales and Services, Office, Children’s, Outdoor, Baby Furniture, Restoration, Design

Recreation, Internet, Card Games, Board Games, Flash and Shockwave

Games for Consoles
XBox, Playstation, GameCube, Game Codes and Cheats, Platforms, Multiplayer, Developers and Publishers

Games for PC
PC and Mac, Internet Games, Programming, Downloads, Chats and Forums

Shopping and Services, Information, Landscaping, Organizations, Books, Horticulture, Hydroponics, Nurseries

Genealogy Services, Web Projects, History, Resources, Organizations, Lineages and Surnames, Shopping and Services

Maps, Science, Economical, Historical, Medical, Cartography, Education, Land Surveying, Remote Sensing

Gifts and Occasions, Personalized Gifts, Gift Baskets, Gift Certificates, Gift Registries, Collectibles

Golf, Miniature Golf, Tickets, PGA, Shopping and Services, Tours, Resorts, Organizations, Courses and Clubs, Books

Government, Countries, State and Provincial, Federal and Local, Agencies, Government Law, Politics, International Organizations

Hair, Products and Services, Hair Loss, Wholesale, Suppliers, Hair Systems, Salons

Handbags, Labels, Tapestry, Fashion Handbags, Purses, Manufacturers

Health, Products and Services, Health Clubs, Mental Health, Health Care, Dental Health, Diseases and Conditions, Professional Suppliers and Services, Medicine, Pharmacy, Disabilities

Health For Men
BPH, Male Sexuality, Prostate Cancer, Products and Services, Vasectomy, Impotence, Testicular Cancer, Contraception

Health For Women
Health For Women, Pregnancy and Birth, Breast Cancer, Morning Sickness, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Products and Services

High Tech
High Tech, Recruiting and Placement, Home Products, Schools, Message Forums, Associations, Training

History, Art History, Ancient History, Sports, Archaeology, Tours, Shopping and Services, Photographic Collections, US History, World History

Hobbies, Crafts, Recreation, Sports, Ham Radio, Scrapbooking, Railway Ethusiasts, Magic, Juggling, Dolls, Aquariums

Home Business
Home Business, Opportunities, Consultants, Work From Home, Sales and Service, Typing, Computer Jobs, Phone, Billing, Collections, Crafts, Mailing, Assembling, Shopping, Surveys, Clerical and Secretarial, Books

Home Electronics
Home Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Home Theatre, Television, Accessories and Supplies, Appliances, Boating Electronics, Cellular Telephones, Digital Cameras, Mobile, MP3 Players, Stereo Equipment

Home Furnishings
Home Furnishings, Sales and Services, Retailers, Makers, Decorative Accessories, Lighting, Linens and Fabrics, Rugs

Home Improvement
Home Improvement, Shopping and Services, Home Repair, Home Centers, Interior Design, Organization and Storage, Tools, General Contractors, Consumer Information

Horoscopes and Astrology
Horoscopes and Astrology, Online Horoscopes, Horoscope Humor, Zodiac Signs, Vedic Astrology, Constellations, Chinese Astrology

Horses, Equestrian Sports, Horse Racing, Antiques and Collectibles, Organizations, Breeds, Companies, Magazines

Hotels, Lodging, Hotel Furniture, Reservation Services, Hotel Guides

Humour and Fun
Humour and Fun, Comedy, Comic Strips, Jokes, Novelties, Quotations, Chats and Forums, Quizzes and Tests

Income Opportunities
Income Opportunities, Investment Opportunities, Network Marketing, Franchises, Business Brokerages

Industry, News and Media, Computers, Entertainment, Consumer Electronics, Industry News and sources

Information, Consumer Advocacy, Industry Information, News and Media, Real Estate, Information Management

Insurance and Banking
Insurance and Banking, Automotive Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Travel, Homeowners, Disability, Banking Consumer Services, B2B Financial Services, Internet Banking

Internet Services
Internet Services, Internet Service Providers, B2B Internet, Communication and Information Management, Internet Telephony Service Providers

Investment, Investment Services, B2B Investment, Investment Clubs, Fraud, Market Information and Research, Investment Opportunities

Jewellery, Shopping and Services, Body Jewellery, Costume Jewellery, Designers, Insurance, Jewellers, Manufacturers, Pawnbrokers, Retailers

Jobs and Career Counselling
Jobs and Career Counselling, Job Fairs, Freelance, Job Search, Seasonal and Summer Employment, Employment Services, Workplace Issues, Employment Law, Regional Employment

Kids Activities
Kids Activities, Sites for Kids, Children’s Products, Literature, Colouring, Organizations, Families, Child Care, Babies, Apparel

Kitchen, Cooking, Appliances, Distributors, Shopping and Services, Design, Cabinetry

Language, Linguistics, Specific Languages, Programming, Dictionaries, Sign Language, Translation Services

Law and Law Enforcement
Law and Law Enforcement, Schools, B2B Law, Government, Directories, Incorporation Services, Shopping and Services

Liquor and Alcohol
Liquor and Alcohol, Spirits, Shopping, Liquor Stores, Licensing, Malt Liquor, Wine, Beer, Brand Names, Supplies and Equipment

Loans, Real Estate Financing, Financing Providers, Education Loans, Financing Information, B2B

Magazines, Entertainment News and Media, Society and Culture, Photography, Computers and Internet, Subscriptions, Distributors and Publishers

Maps, Interactive Maps, Historical, Internet, Antique, Map Collecting, Meteorology, Health Atlases, Companies

Matchmaking / Dating
Personals, dating, video dating, top sites, matchmaking, speed dating, pen pals

Marketing for Internet
Marketing for Internet, Advertising Services, Information, Network Marketing, Promotion, Web Site Affiliation, Market Research, Direct Email

Marketing non-Internet
Marketing non-Internet, Marketing and Advertising, Direct Marketing, Real Estate, Education, Market Research, Telemarketing

Media, News and Media, Media Production, Financial News, Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, Television, Weblogs, Journalism, Columns and Columnists, B2B

We will do our very best to find websites similar to yours to target and redirect visitors from. Leave it up to us!

MLM, Network Marketing, Amway, Marketing Issues, Newsletters, Directories, Health

Money Making
Money Making, Network Marketing, Health Technologies, Transaction Clearing, Consulting, Brokerages, Central Banking, Market Information and Research, Quotes

Mortgages, Real Estate Financing, General Mortgage Resources, Mortgage Insurance, Credit Report Services, Brokerages, Calculators, Software

Motorcycles, Motorcycle Makers, Shopping and Services, Recreation, Racing, Clubs, Auctions, Tour Operators

Movies and Films
Movies and Films, Titles, Reviews, Memorabilia, Tickets, News, Filmmaking, Theatres, Actors and Actresses, Genres

Music/MP3, Shopping, Resources, Videos, Production, Instruments, Genres, Artists, Composition, Events, Services

Musical Instruments
Musical Instruments, Shopping and Services, Electronic, Stringed Instruments, Wind Instruments, Mailing Lists, Mechanical

Nature and Animals
Nature and Animals, Environment and Nature, Photography, Wildlife, Arts and Crafts, Organizations

News, Media, B2B, Entertainment, Newspapers, Radio, Television, Journalism, Industry Information

Office Supplies
Office Supplies, Business Forms, Calendars and Personal Organizers, Fax Machines, Imaging Equipment, Photocopiers, Paper

Organizations, Business, Education, Philanthropy, Social, Pets, Government, Automotive, Medicine

Personal Advice
Personal Homepages, Families, Groups, Web Directories

Personal Computers
Personal Computers, Manufacturers, Product Information Services, Retailers, Notebook Computers, User Groups

Personal Homepage
Personal Homepages, Families, Groups, Web Directories

Pest Control
Pest Control, Home and Garden, Shopping and Services, Crop Protection, Insects, Wildlife Control

Pets, Shopping and Services, Personal Pet Pages, Virtual Pets, Toys, Names, Humane and Rescue Societies, Health, Diet and Nutrition

Photography, Products and Services, Photographers, Cameras, Thematic, Digital, Supplies and Equipment

Posters, Prints, Movie Posters, Movies and Film Memorabilia, Wholesalers, Sports Collectibles, Educational

Printers and Supplies
Printers and Supplies, Drivers, Recycling, Sales and Service, Makers and Retailers, Network Printing

Property (Commercial)
Property (Commercial), Listings, Property Information Services, Management, B2B, Appraisals

Property (Residential)
Property (Residential), For Sale By Owner, Foreclosures, Resources, Listings, Financing, Property Information

Real Estate and Mortgage
Real Estate, Listings, Investment Opportunities, Property Information, Financing, Agencies, Mortgage Resources, Mortgage Insurance, Credit Services

Religion, Spirituality, Shopping and Services, Science, Supplies, Social Science, Organizations

Safety and Security
Safety and Security, Public Health, Workplace, Security and Encryption, National Security, Home Security, Anti-Theft

Sales, Vehicles, Training, Business Organizations, Equipment and Supplies

Science, Social Science, Earth Sciences, Science Fiction, Computer Science, Political Science, Biology, Chemistry, Space

Seniors and Retirement
Seniors and Retirement, Senior Health, Senior Travel, Senior Care, Retirement Communities, Retirement Planning

Services, Investment, Corporate, B2B, Translation Services, Internet Services, Shipping, Immigration Services

Shoes and Foot Products
Shoes and Foot Products, Footwear, Athletic Shoes, Shoe Care, Retailers, Foot Care, Athlete’s Foot

Shopping, Shopping Centres, Virtual Malls, all websites selling products online via shopping carts or other forms of payment and order processing.

Skateboards, Gear and Equipment, Skateboard Camps, Sporting Goods

Smoking and Tobacco Products
Smoking and Tobacco Products, Information, Addiction, Cigars, Cigarettes, Matches, Pipes, Lighters

Software, Computers and Internet, Multimedia, Networking, MAC, Music, B2B, Shopping and Services, Operating Systems

Sports, Shopping and Services, Sports Entertainment, News and Media, Business to Business, College and University

Tax, IRS, Accounting Firms, Government, Financial Services, Tax Forms, Tax Law, Return Preparation, Software, Electronic Filing

Tea and Coffee
Tea and Coffee, Shopping and Services, Recipes, Coffee Machines, Tea Producers Importers and Professional Equipment, Tea Ceremonies

Telephones and Service
Telephones and Service, Long Distance Services, Cellular Providers and Retailers, Telephone Systems, Shopping and Services, Accessories

Television and Satellite TV
Television and Satellite TV, TV Sets, Production, Shows, Networks, Personalities, Employment, Organizations, Shopping and Services

Tickets, Entertainment, Online Travel Booking, Movies, Traffic Tickets, Sports, Music, Shopping and Services

Top Web Sites
Top Web Sites, Top Lists, Top 5%, Award Winning Websites, Award Giving

Toys, Shopping, Recreation, Stuffed, B2B, Antiques and Collectibles, Action Figures, Makers and Retailers, Manufacturers and Distributors

Training, B2B, Career Development, Weight Training, Armed Forces, Personal Development

Transportation, Travel, B2B, Shopping and Services, Government Departments, Aviation, Highways and Roads

Travel and Tourism
Travel and Tourism, Transportation, Shopping and Services, Travel Agents, Business to Business, Tourism Research, Tourism Information

Trivia, Entertainment, Web Games, Contests, Movies and Film Trivia, Sports, TV Trivia and Games

Vitamins, Nutrients, Supplements, Vitamin and Mineral Dificiencies, Vitamin Supplement Products, Suppliers and Wholesalers, Shopping and Services

Web Design
Web Design, Web Page Design and Layout, Development Resources, Web Site Designers, Templates, Authoring

Web Hosting
Web Hosting, Free Providers, File Hosting, Network Service Providers, Weblog Hosting

Web Resources
Web Resources, Web Directories, Search Engines, Industry Resources, CGI Resources

Webcams, Outdoor Cams, Indoor Cams, Web Directories, Production Information and Reviews, College and Universities

Webmasters, Web Site Development Services, Webmasters Associations, Message Boards, Books, Webmaster Resources

Wedding/Marriage, Shopping, Bridal, Formal Wear, Wedding Rings, Shopping and Services, Gift Registries

Gaming Traffic

Adult Casino
Free Games
Premium Casino
Horse & Dog Racing
Sports Betting
All Casino categories

Adult Traffic

Adult Casino
Adult Movies
Adult Toys
Matchmaking / Dating
All Adult categories

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