Why Is Local SEO Important? Local Businesses Should Read This

Why Is Local SEO Important? Local Businesses Should Read This

How long has it been since you searched for a local service or business on your mobile device? Maybe it was just hours ago? Maybe it was days or even weeks. It might have been to simply check opening times or perhaps you need some building maintenance done? One thing is virtually definite; you have completed a local business search more than once. The fact is that today, in a world where mobile phones have become as necessary as underwear, you and millions of others carry out local searches every day.  This is why local SEO has become very important for businesses. Paul Taylor, a senior analyst with a city Digital company, explains how local seo works and gives an example of how a local building company in Fulham, has seen a three fold increase in direct enquiries, simply through local optimisation.

Why do you need to Rank High?

Research proves that most people rarely navigate off the first results page (only 25% will navigate to the second page of results). This is why Local SEO is essential. It is rare to get any ranks at all without optimising your website.

Why it is so important for small local businesses?

With so many people turning to local searches to find the products and services they need, if you are not ranked you’re losing out on hundreds of potential customers. Can your business really afford to let the competition get ahead? You can guarantee most will already be working on it! Additionally, it is very important that your website is well presented on mobile devices.

What Information do People Search for?

The first step to make sure you have a chance to become competitive is to get your company listed on Google Business Pages. Local searches are carried out every minute of the day. Many are looking for local products and services, so they are primarily looking for the location, directions and phone number as well as information on the products and services offered.

Let us take an example to understand how it works. You have a family run, relatively small building company in Fulham specialising in loft conversions. The chances of ranking high on world searches for “loft conversions” is low, unless you have spent many years and a large budget targeting that phrase (keywords). The better SEO logic for your company is to target “Loft Conversions Fulham” – And probably more useful. Even if you rank on world searches the person searching could be in Thailand! By targeting local searches the chance of your company actually being shown to a viable customer is much higher. See the difference in the images below:

Results for Loft Conversions Fulham

Results for Loft Conversions

Some Important Stats

  • Most mobile searches are locally targeted
  • The conversion rate for local searches is higher than world searches
  • Thirty five percent of users conducting a local search contacted the business within 24 hours
  • Seventy one percent search for a local business before their first visit
  • Forty six percent of Google searches are local
  • Seventy six percent of local searches lead to a phone call

The statistics speak for themselves. The best SEO strategy for local businesses is Local SEO.